Brunch Blossoms at Le Butterblume

by Jason

I read somewhere that if on weekends you brunch harder than you party… then, YOU OLD. Hi there! I’m Jason, but you can call me old. Brunching and partying is pretty similar if you think about it. You make an effort to get somewhere early to avoid a lineup (but end up lining up anyways) and instead of bottle service and pounding shots to ease the pain of school, you’re hoping the shitty drip coffee comes with free refills and that you can get out in time to run your errands before the afternoon rush at Provigo. I recently hit up Butterblume in the Mile-End and brunched harder than my CEGEP self at Jet Club in the middle of mid-terms.

Butterblume’s brunch menu is unique and is doesn’t consist of typically dishes you would find at other places. Void of eggs benny, and potatoes, Butterblume’s got dishes like, salmon jerky served with yellow beans, poppy seeds sour cream and caviar to fennel salad topped with marinated mussels.

The brunch menu features weekly specials like the bacon cornbread. It was served with poached eggs, corns, chipotle sour cream, endive salad and roasted pecans. The warm cornbread was peppered with pieces of smokey bacon and was straight up sex in your mouth with each bite of runny egg yolk and luscious sour cream. The bitter endive tossed in a light vinaigrette brightened each mouthful of brunch.

The sticky pudding with yellow Ontario prunes, soft fresh cheese, caramel and topped with honey walnuts and fresh mint. Just coming into season, the prunes were a bit tart, but it added a desperate level of acid as the dish was very sweet – a bit too sweet for me. I loved the mint – subtlety aromatic that ultimately help cut through the sweetness of the thick caramel.

Homemade pork sausage made with coriander and fennel served with smooth dollops of dijonnaise and griddle-toasted “all dressed” roll. The pan-friend sausage was deep in flavour and added the savoury bite to the meal.

We also had the fresh scone filled with apricot preserve. It was warm and comforting, and agin, incredibly sweet. Perhaps we could have ordered more consciously to avoid the sweet on sweet, but everything sounded so delicious that we were in a brunchy lust fog and ordered what felt right.Butterblume is a bright space in that meets your café and restaurant needs during the day that is also a boutique selling, magazines, pottery as well as local floral arrangements. The counter is packed full of homemade baked goodies perfect for take out or even waiting in line… the lineup is worth it.

Le Butterblume
5836 Saint laurent

P.s. I’m not THAT old.

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