Great Italian Sandwiches, Pastas and Pantry goodies in Verdun – Bossa

by Jason

I’ve said it in the past (and literally two articles ago) that one of my favourite comfort foods is a sandwich. The humble sandwich. You can literally make a sandwich with anything and it can be considered a snack or a meal. Do you have freshly sliced cold cuts and provolone and day-old baguette? Make a sandwich. Sliced POM and American cheese? Make a sandwich. Random challah roll and last night’s leftover general tao chicken? BOOM, SANDWICH. I appreciate restaurants and cafes who list sandwiches on their menus, but there’s a special place in my heart for spots that specialize in it. Where the sandwich sits front and centre on the menu and everything else is periphery. I was told about this sandwich shop in Verdun that’s serving up delicious Italian sandwiches, so I checked Out Bossa on the Wellington strip.

Bossa front door

Bossa is a quaint little store that features specialty Italian import products like, coffee, dried pasta, and pantry items but who also make killer sandwiches. You walk in and can’t miss all the action that’s happening behind and around the counter. There’s ciabatta rolls piled high in one corner and deli-slicing and construction of the sandwiches on the other. Their menu is straight forward. It’s got a handful of pastas, and sandwiches. Two different categories of sangwiches; hot and cold. So naturally I got one of each.

“Philly Hoagie” Sandwich

Philly Hoagie

Cold sandwich: Bossa’s “Philly Hoagie” is the quintessential deli sub. It’s stacked with capicollo, mortadella, prosciutto, mozzarella, and provolone. Topped with shredded lettuce dressed with their “OG” house vinaigrette and giardiniera of hot peppers and marinated eggplants. All nestled in a crusty and fluffy ciabatta roll and pressed. Do me a favour and look at this photo carefully. Imagine biting down into a warm crusty roll and having it giving way to thinly slices salty salumi. Little hints of herbs and spices piques your mouth’s interest as your tongue explores the rest of the bite. Sharp hits of vinegary goodness from the pickles and heat from the peppers make you crave the next bite. THAT. Look at this photo because it tastes exactly how you think it does.

Chicken Parm Sandwich

Bossa chicken parm sandwich

​Hot sandwich: the other “quintessential” deli sandwich; the chicken parm. Same roll slathered with basil oil, topped with perfectly fried chicken cutlets, mozzarella, parmesan, and hot peppers. I love chicken parm as much as the next guy and welcome any kind of excuse to eat it straight up without the ritual of sitting at a table and having to use utensils – welcome the chicken parm sandwich. I can open-mouth kiss the person who invented this sandwich. I’d thank them for inventing a way to eat one of my favourite Italian dishes chicken parm on the go.

Olive Oil Cake

Olive oil cake

Bossa has a a bunch of tempting desserts to choose from. Today was definitely a challenge to stay low carb. It was approximately at this point (when I saw the cake sitting in the display case) that I threw my hands in the air and said fuck it, I’m ordering dessert. The cake was delicious. It had a hint of orange zest and was ultra moist. The olive oil aroma was not as strong as I would have preferred, but it was tasty.

Pecan Pie

Peacan pie

Do you pronounce this as “pecan” or “pecan” pie? More importantly, do you say pie or PAH?” I don’t know how traditionally Italian pecan pie is, but it’s a classic slice. It’s not the same without whipped cream, but I’m not about pageantry. The fact that I forgot a fork and held it in my hands and ate it like a slice of pizza should be proof enough. Not overly sweet. It was nice.

Bossa is a great choice to grab a quick bite if you’re looking to picnic by the water, get some pre-made meals to go, or pick up on some delicious specialty import items to stock your pantry. I’ve said it in the past that I love sandwiches; all kinds. Great experience here and I’m happy that I’m able to add another place to my list of outposts in the city where when the mood should strike, there’s a spot where the sandwiching feels right.

4354, Rue Wellington

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