BBQ Pork Rice Noodle Roll

by Jason

This dish comes in a few variations with an assortment of fillings; from plain, beef, shrimp, this BBQ pork and awesome.

Called “叉燒腸” and pronounced “char siu” (bbq pork) “cheong” (roll or “intestine”); a mix of rice flour and tapioca flour whipped into a slurry and ladled over a fine meshed cloth on a square steam tray cooks the “skin”. The filling is made with roughly chopped barbecue pork, tossed with scallions and cilantro and rolled into the rice noodle then dressed with a sweet soy sauce table side. Fresh from the steamer the rice noodle rolls are soft and delicate – wait a little bit longer and the texture will firm up. The sweet soy sauce balances the brunoise of savoury pork highlighted by peppery cilantro. One of my favourite dishes, and soon to be yours as well!

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