Foodies from Montreal on Instagram You Should Be Following Part 1.

by Jason

Food porn. You know what it is: the act of taking and posting photos of food throughout different social media channels and status updates. To tempt people who aren’t even hungry in that moment into a full-blown food hard-on giving hours of hard work at the gym and meal-preps a big middle finger covered in Nutella dotted with peanut butter M&Ms. One of the biggest apps responsible for the proliferation of food porn is Instagram. Instagram has an estimated 400 million active users around the world. If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, I would love if you did, not only because of the awesome food porny pictures, but follow me because you’re just so damn good looking. Which brings me to this week’s post: The finest purveyors of food porn: Foodies from Montreal on Instagram You Should Be Following!

Shut Up and Eat Instagram
I may not know some of these people by name or by their sign, but as soon as they buy that wine, I just creep up from behind… no just kidding, that was Biggie. In no particular order, here are some accounts on Instagram I think you should check out if you like food and/or pictures of food accounts that are consistent, pertinent, topical and worth following!

In case you were wondering what perfection looks like || inquiry email in bio! || {}

A photo posted by Loading… (@foodiemontrealaise) on

Picture of food, mainly coffee, and pretty scenery. Blog may not be as updated as the Instagram feed.

Self-proclaimed “non-foodie” with a sweet-tooth, this dude takes a lot of photos of food. Pictures mainly of sweets and coffee and of Yelp events.

A bearded man and food enthusiast, Eric posts photos of his meals that are not staged. He is also known for carrying DM conversations in reaction GIFS only.

“Coffee and food explorer”, Linh’s photos are a vivid collection of quaint coffee shops around the city as well as of her Golden Retriever.

A Montreal eater making her way across the city. “Her” is purely an assumption based on the manicured hands featured in some of the pictures… or you know, a dude who likes to feel pretty. Either way, the photos will make you hungry.

Hillary features photos of mostly recipes she features on her blog. She interviewed me for a recipe competition I was involved in once, it got kind of strange when she asked why I preferred milk chocolate covered almonds over dark chocolate covered almonds… I didn’t know how she knew that. Ask her about the whole Cocoa bean being a vegetable thing, I always thought it was a legume.

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