Try the Famous “Green Margarita” at Giuseppe’s Pizza

by Jason

Can we call agree that we all love pizza? I don’t think I know one person who dislikes pizzas, then again, anyone who doesn’t like pizza, isn’t someone worth knowing. I mean, we’ve got pizzas that satisfies all palates, vegan, gluten free, low carb, high carb, keto, there’s literally no reason to dislike pizza. We all have our go-to pizza spots. Like New York style pizza? Cop a slice at La New Yorkaise or Pizza Toni. More into traditional Neapolitan, Gema, No. 900, Rita has you covered. You can find more here. Those are some of my favourite slices in the city, and this week, I add another to the list, I try GPizzas.

I checked out a local takeout and delivery place that is run by a veteran chef of the Montreal’s culinary scene. The G in “Gpizza” stands for Giuseppe or “Joe”. Joe has gone back to his Italian roots to sling some of the most delicious pies you’ll have. The menu consists a variety of Roman rounds and slabs. I got the rounds.

Green Margarita

Green Margarita

The green matgarita from G’s hits different.

G Pizza’s offers a variety of Neapolitan style round pies and Roman slab pizzas. The claim to fame is his signature Green Margarita pizza. Green pesto, fior di latte, parmigiano, and homemade za’aatar. I’ve never been a fan of margarita pizzas in general. The idea of sauce, cheese and three basil leaves was never appealing to me. Seemed boring. You can’t even consider it an excuse to eat straight cheese because there’s three dollops of it on a regular margarita pizza. I don’t get it. But that’s cool. The green margarita from G’s hits different.

The pesto is aromatic and is elevated by the herbs and spices from the homemade za’aatar. Tart hits of sumac, smokey notes of coriander and sesame mixed with sharp cheesy bites and chewy crust. The generous portion of cheese makes for a creamy mouthful on each bite.

Pepperoni Pizza

pepperoni pizza

The pepperoni pizza is a classic. Sweet and tangy tomato sauce topped with a generous portion of mozzarella and thinly sliced pepperoni. The creamy ooey-gooey chewy goodness of the cheese, muted the saltiness of the crisp but chewy chip-like pepperoni disks. The pie is then finished off with a dusting of dried oregano. Nice.


vegetarian pizza

The medveg is basically the green margarita, but with thinly sliced sweet potatoes. A simple addition of the sweet potatoes completely changed the characteristics of the pizza. The inclusion of the shavings added a sweet depth of flavour that held up to the rich mix of herbs and spices of the pesto and za’aatar.


The mortadella pizza was surprisingly good. Well, not surprising, because mortadella is delicious, pizza is delicious, why not combine the two?

The mortadella pizza was surprisingly good. Well, not surprising surprising, because mortadella is delicious, pizza is delicious, why not combine the two? There’s no sauce, but it doesn’t need it. The pie features giant slices of mortadella, mozzarella and is topped with a roasted Italian long hot.

mozzarella pizza

It was simple and tasty. Fold the slice, it’ll be one of the best sandwiches you’ll have. A warm mortadella sangwich with hot peppers and chewy motz. G is on to something here.

Spotty crust
The crust

Short of being kneaded by blind nuns on the sde of t mountain in Sicily, the foundation of this pie is mysteriously flawless.

Something needs to be said about the crust. It’s perfect. As close to perfection and anyone can get. It’s airy and fluffy, chewy and crusty all at the same time. Baked to the boarder of well-done, the spotting lends a smokey bite as it releases a puff of steam like a gentle kiss from an angel. Anyone who loves pizza will know the crust is 90% of the experience. It needs to hold up to the toppings and provide a stable medium to absorb the right amount of sauce but resist getting soggy. This is it. Short of being kneaded by blind Italian nuns on the side of a mountain in Sicily, the foundation of this pie is mysteriously flawless.

Takeout and delivery for now, GPizzas will soon be transitioning into its own brick and mortar location (to be announced).

One of the best pizzas in Montreal. PEROIDT.

5463 St-Jacques Ouest

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